Friday, July 18, 2008

Mmmm...roasted peppers...

M and I have decided to try and takle the newlywed pounds we have put on. So back to low carb it is! I have to say, I haven't really made anything the past week that would be blog worthy. I have made plenty of cheeseburgers, steak, chicken breasts, hot dogs, eggs, bacon, sausages, etc. I did make chili verde in the crockpot. M liked it, it was okay, but was lacking something...maybe the rice and beans to go with it!

Anyway, back to roasted peppers. We went to Costco to stock up on all things meat and I decided to get a package of the gorgeous bell peppers they had. Red, yellow and orange. So summer-y!

I decided to cook a skirt steak to have with the peppers. I marinated the steak with some mexican spices for about 12 hours. It was supposed to fajita style. Too bad the steak was so tough, we each ate about 2 pieces and ended up throwing it away. I am not sure if it was the skirt steak, how I cooked it (on the grill) or that I didn't slice it thin enough. Or maybe it was the wrong cut of meat. Was I supposed to use flap meat (which in and of itself kind of squiks me out to say!). Anyway, I took a couple of pictures before eating. Sure looked pretty...too bad we couldn't eat it!

If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to comment!


Anonymous said...

I always leave skirt steak or flank steak to marinate at least overnight. Did you use anything acidic? Usually lime juice or lemon juice will help tenderize the meat. Sure looks good! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Here is a no lose marinade for flank steak:

Equal parts: Soy Sauce
Vegetable Oil
Lemon Juice
1 Chopped yellow onion
Italian Seasoning
Marinade for 24 hours and cook on grill, turning every 5 minutes. Use approx. 1 cup of Soy, Oil, and lemon juice for each steak.